The Village of Oak Creek

Visit Village of Oak Creek To reach The Village of Oak Creek drive south from  Sedona on 179 for about 6 miles VOC as residents call it offers a variety of housing options including single family residences, condos and townhomes, golf course properties and luxury living. The Village has a population of a little over […]

10 Best things to do in Sedona

What to do in Sedona With all of the things to do and see in Sedona, deciding how to spend your time can be quite an agonizing decision. 10 best has narrowed all of the available attractions in Sedona to a list of the most appealing and reputable, to aide in your decision making. You […]

Sedona Hikes

Sedona Hikes are world famous Sedona hiking trails are among some of the best and most diverse in the world. here are a few that you must do in Sedona. Here are some 10 best Bell Rock Pathway The Bell Rock Pathway is a 3.6 mile trail. Along this pathway you’ll enjoy fantastic views of Bell […]