West Sedona Subdivision MLS (A thru M)

West Sedona Subdivisions

West Sedona Homes

 West Sedona Market Report with Active MLS Listings

  1. Canyon Shadow
  2. Casa Contenta
  3. Cedar Ridge
  4. Coffee Pot
  5. Color Cove
  6. Copper Vista
  7. Cottages at Coffepot
  8. Crimson View
  9. Estates at Northslope
  10. Foothills North
  11. Foothills South
  12. Goodrow Estates
  13. Harm Area
  14. Inspirational
  15. Juniper Area
  16. Kachina West
  17. Keller Tract
  18. Las Lomas
  19. Mission Hills(West Sedona subdivisions continued on next page.)

    West Sedona is home to most of Sedona’s grocery stores, banks, and residential areas but it also the place to find some of Sedona’s best shops, restaurants, tour companies, book stores, state parks, scenic drives, hikes and sightseeing spots. Heading up the hill from the “Y,” you’ll discover dramatic views to your right where two of Sedona’s most well-known rock formations merge into one – Thunder Mountain and Coffee Pot Rock.

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