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Big Park

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  1. Firecliff
  2. Highlands Area
  3. Jacks Canyon
  4. La Barranca
  5. Oak Creek Country Club Estates
  6. Pine Valley
  7. Pinon Woods
  8. Rancho Rojo
  9. Sedona Golf Resort
  10. Sedona Villas
  11. Sun Up Ranch
  12. Wild Horse Mesa

Big Park is a bedroom community for Sedona, Arizona, just 7 miles away. Tourism and service to retirees and second-home owners are the basis for the local economy. Big Park, the pioneers’ name for the large open area is often called the Village of Oak Creek, it is set among scenic red-rock buttes and canyons. The Bell Rock scenic area adjoins the north end and the area is surrounded by the Coconino National Forest. A Forest Service Visitor Center is located at the south end of Big Park